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Why Tennis

There are many public tennis courts which are not being used to their full potential. We organize tennis leagues to bring tennis players of the same competitive skill level together to make greater use of the existing courts and at the same time give these players greater enjoyment from this awesome game.

My name is Ron Shalley and I was the Director of Tennis at the Heritage Valley Tennis Club in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, for twenty five years. I have extensive experience in organizing leagues and tournaments. I also realize how the demand for court time increases when leagues are organized and how much tennis players enjoy well organized league play.

League play will give you, a commitment to play on a weekly basis, practice, experience in playing different players and styles of play, an opportunity to meet players at your skill level, and even enjoyment.

If you are new to your area, this is an excellent opportunity to meet players at your skill level.

If you have taken tennis lessons and would like to practice what you have been taught, play in one of our leagues and watch your game improve and your confidence grow !

Many players continue to play with their opponents after their league is completed to prepare for the next league.

Tennis ... Where Fitness, Fun, and Friends Meet !

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