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1) Where do I play my matches ?

When you are listed as home court on the schedule you receive in the mail, you decide where the match is to be played. When you are not listed as home court, you play on your opponent's home court. Some players have their own tennis court and therefore do not have to leave home to play their home matches.

2) How far will I have to travel to play my scheduled matches ?

You will find out how far you might have to travel when we send you an email to confirm your participation in a league we would like to place you in. Remember, approximately half of your matches will be played on your home court.

3) What happens to my cheque if I am not placed into a league ?

Cheques are not deposited until you confirm your participation in a league we would like to place you in.

4) Will there be a league in my area ?

We do not decide which leagues will be organized until we receive all of the completed registration forms, after the deadline.

5) If I would like to play in a doubles league but I do not have a partner, should I send in my completed registration form ?

Yes, you can send us your completed registration form and hopefully someone else will also need a partner.

6) Do I have to live in British Columbia in order to play in a league ?

No, you do not. However, we strongly suggest you get your friends & relatives to play in a private league with you. Plus, if you collect all of the registration forms & cheques and send them off to us, your own league fee will be waived. All players in your league would be required to have an email address.

Tennis Sharpens Your Mind and Shapes Your Body !

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