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Robert Radloff
The league is an inexpensive way to get match practice and allows you to fit the playing time into your own schedule !

Gary Wong
I really enjoy the well organized leagues and competition !

Ruth Saunders
I love to compete and take opportunities to improve my game. The league gives opportunities to play with people of your standard or better and gain experience playing against lots of different styles. It's also great value !
Dave MacPhee
This league has been a great way for me to get some exercise and play some good tennis. The commitment is low with only one game a week and we arrange it according to our own schedules. It's an easy fit and heck, it's only 20 bucks !

Darren Whitehouse
The league was a real learning experience for me from players with so many styles and strategies !

Rose Pennington
The league has a great flexible schedule where you can play competitive matches to challenge yourself and also improve your skills. Great way to stay in shape while meeting other people who love tennis as much as you do.

Tone Duncan
I find league matches more competitive, meaningful, and enjoyable !

Robyn Roste
The league provided me with an excellent opportunity to experience competitive tennis.