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Neil Parker
(Tennis director North Shore Winter Club)
Nice Job!!!

James Wright

(South Surrey)
I used to play quite competitively as a teen but have not been able
to find regular partners and a schedule that suits. I'd love to get into
something early week evenings in Surrey Delta Langley etc if there
is such a league Please let me know.

Eva Sharell
(East Vancouver)
I would like to play this fall but will not be available until after Sept 6.
Should I still register. If I do register and you don't have enough people
in my area, will I get my money back?

Harry Brewster
Hi, like your concept, have thought about doing something like this
myself for a couple of years. Do you have anything set up yet in
Vancouver? Please let me know, in the meantime I'll foreward your web
site to a few of my friends.

Pat Outram
This is a good idea. Are there any people from Richmond? Thanks and
good luck.

Terry Sidhu
(Abbotsford, BC)
I think this is a great idea. I have just mailed my registration form in.

Rose Oosterman
Great ideas for site, and great way to organize games. got any suggestions
for a 12/13 yr. old girl in need of lessons, practice and learning how to keep
score(locally if possible) Currently, we get out on the court and just practice,
but mom is not the best teacher neither!

Thao Do
Learned about the league through the Vancouver Courier paper.

Hello, I'm a highschool student from Burnaby. I want to get a tennis
lesson, but I can't find where I can get those lessons. Could you please
tell me where I can get a tennis lesson?

Ron Blancher
(Kelowna, British Columbia)
Sounds Interesting... Would like to know if others in Kelowna are interested?

Barbie Hamson
(Langley, BC)
I am interested in playing more tennis. there are a shortage of "clubs" in the
area. I am not sure what my skilllevel is - probably the Intermediate level.
How does one determine for sure so they are not a disappointment to
someone they are hooked up with? Can you advise?

Sanjeev Sarwal
Great !! Will get back to you with my registration

Ahad Bhai
Bangladesh (studying in Vancouver)
Great Idea !

B Shockey
Are the descriptions you have used for skill level standard for North America?

Erin Crockett
(Vernon, BC)
I am a competitive junior (ranked 6th to 8th Provincially in BC Boys Under
14), looking for local competition. Likely need to play with adults so this
league may open up some possibilities for me.

Andrew Gregory
Hi, I was just thinking today that our area needed a tennis ladder and
tournament, when I saw your notice at the court. Do you have a league
going in Kitsilano?

(Surrey BC born in Bosnia)
This is a great website!!! I really want to play tennis, it's really
important to me!I just love it. How old do you have to be ?

Brenda Olynyk
(Vancouver, BC)
I am new to the city and want to be able to play tennis for fun and improve
my game. I am certainly interested. Now living in Kitsilano and saw your
information at the courts here. Are there lessons through the league?

Mohammed Fouwaaz
(Sri Lanka)
I love tennis!

LLoyd Sheldrick
(Quebec now living in burnaby)
I am level 2.5 and looking forward to this league and playing others of my level.

Ellen Dale
(Kelowna, B.C)
Would love to get back into tennis as it has been several years since I
played. Read about the leagues in our local paper. Hope you have heard
from others here in Kelowna.

Monica Dickson
I read about this league through the local paper and it has prompted me to
think about playing tennis again and getting active. The skill level
descriptions are very helpful in determining at what level I would be able to play.

Nice resource, thanks !

Nice site

Joan Barker
My home court would be beside the Langara Golfcourse (Ontario/57th)

Just looking for a league to join or find a partner to play matches in my area

(Kelowna, BC)
Great initiative! Is there a Spring league in my area (Lake country/Kelowna),
for my level (appr 4)?

Dave Marshall
(Pitt Meadows)
Great idea- sounds like fun!

Jerry Johnson
(Atlanta GA.)

Leah Eggen
Like to registar in the league I just moved here and want to play singles
tennis at the 3.0 skill level or higher. Leah

Dawn Wendland
(Maple Ridge, B. C.)
Is there any interest from people in Maple Ridge?

Hi, I live inside the UBC campus and sometimes it's hard to find people to
play with so a league would be great for me.
My level is around 4.0~4.5 and I am 15 years old.

Margarethe Sorensen
(Langley, B. C.)
Well developed Web site Congratulations. Sounds like this could be
lots of fun.

Jim Kocsis
(Penticton, B.C.)
Ron, Your web-site and concept for running tennis leagues is a great idea.
Hopefully, we can spread the idea around the Okanagan and get people
playing !

Darren Warren
(Surrey, B.C.)
I've always played tennis recreationally. I am very interested in playing
in a league and in joining a local tennis club yet I do not know who
to contact or how to join. This is a very good idea and I'm interested in
as many matches as possible. I believe I am a player of intermediate
ability, however I've never been coached or taken lessons. Cheers

Maureen Kitto
(Langley City)
I would like to find someone to play tennis with. I also would like to improve

Dave Bullock
(White Rock, BC)
Want to get involved in competition/practice tennis, very fit and agile with no
formal training or play in tennis, skill level (just played pick up games once
every blue moon---but am quite agile, can cover most of court,
quick on feet and very athletic)....consider myself to be an intermediate level
(even without next to no play or instruction)....can you hook me up with a
league or club that plays regularly in White Rock/S. Surrey?

Toni Alexander
(Vancouver, B.C.)
Would love to participate in a seniors mixed double thing at about the 3.5
level starting in the Spring of 2002. Not available this Fall. Have a partner
who would probably be interested also.

G. Forbes
Contact you in spring of 2002

Very nice Webpage

Randy Fedorchuk
I am hoping that we can get enough registrants to start up an Okanagan

Hi, I live inside the UBC campus and sometimes it's hard to find people to
play with so a league would be great for me.
My level is around 4.0~4.5 and I am 15 years old.

Elizabeth Woodworth
I see that you do not have a league in Victoria yet. I'm about a 3.5 I guess.
Maybe a 4.0. Have you had other queries from Victoria?

Karen Gallagher
Great work with this site you've done! Nice to see such interest in tennis.
I play in ladies doubles, singles league in my town but always looking to
play more and especially different players! Please let me know what
interest you've received from my area (summerland, Penticton or even
Peachland!) I may be interested in your league as well.

Stuart Rice

Lawrence Kumar
This is a great idea

Susan Hambleton
Hi !

William G. Barnes
(Vernon, B.C.)
An interesting concept. I am a senior and play the game as a social player
and not competetive, as a 2 or 2.5 (self rated) I would be interested in
knowing how many others of my calibre are interested the league concept in my area.

Jim Hipwell
I am interested in getting back into tennis. I am 46 and have not played for
20 or so years. Your spring league is of interest to me, but I do not want to be
put into a high end formal & competitive league, I just want to go out and
have some fun and exercise with people my own skill level. I estimated my
level to be around 3 based on your chart. I have never taken any lessons so may
not know all the proper rules and game formats, etc..., so would need some
help with this. Please reply back if you think your league would be suitable for me. Thanks

A league directory would be nice.

(Paris, France)
We have just moved to Vancouver and are looking for a tennis club for our 14
year old boy who plays tennis in France, can you help us ? Thanks

Ahad Bhai
Bangladesh (studying in Vancouver)
Great Idea !

(Surrey, BC)
I will join with my partner in Spring and I love playing tennis.

Am interested in joining your spring league if one available in Burnaby
and or Langley.

Rudy Avila
(Paraguay, South America)
Thank you for the opportunity to play in an organized league. Keep up the
good work!

Christine Bonsteel
(Abbotsford, B.C.)
I need a fun way to get in shape, and I'm hoping tennis will be the answer.

Nice website and interesting content. Thanks.

Nice design :)

Bill Walker
(White Rock, BC)
I noticed the information about the tennis leagues on the White Rock courts
and decided to look into it. I haven't played much in 15 years but got back
into it last year on holiday and found I really look forward to playing.

Joan Reekie
(Vancouver - Stanley Park)
Good luck making this work. If your idea works to provide partners, even once
a week, for women who want to play, GREAT.

I want to ask if it's too late to register for Fall league in 2005?

Looks Great !

Graham Venkataya
(Fleetwood, Surrey, BC)
I think this is a great idea

Serge Blanchette

Robert Seto
(Maple Ridge, B.C.)

Lisa Schoenhals
(Port Moody)


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