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Advantages Of Playing In One Of Our Leagues Rather Than A Tournament :

1. You decide on the day and time you would like to play.

2. You play half of your matches on your home court.

3. You are guaranteed to play at least six matches plus a playoff if you qualify.

4. You play at your skill level in our leagues while in many tournaments players are allowed to play in two single's events and therefore some 4.0 players play in both a 3.5 and 4.0 event.

5. After you play a match you can take an entire week to prepare for your next match.

6. Playing in one of our leagues is far less expensive than playing in a tournament.

7. You are not required to have a club, Tennis BC, or USTA membership to play in our leagues.

8. Since you are not required to play as many matches in a weekend or week, you are less likely to pick up an injury.

9. If your arm or leg become sore during a match you have at least a week for the injury to heal.

10. You play all other players in your league and therefore gain greater experience than most players in a tournament.

Tennis Sharpens Your Mind and Shapes Your Body !

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