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The highest type of sportsmanship is expected from every player ! An understanding of and a commitment to the points highlighted below are a part of your responsibility as a player in a league.

1) Once you have entered a league, honor your commitment to play. Exceptions should occur only in cases of serious illness, injury, or personal emergency.

2) From the beginning of the match, play must be continuous. Attempts to stall or to extend rest periods for the purpose of recovering from a loss of physical condition are clearly illegal.

3) Intentional distractions that interfere with your opponent's concentration or effort to play the ball are against the rules.

4) Spectators, including parents, friends, and coaches, are welcome to watch and enjoy matches. Their role, however, is clearly restricted to that of passive observer with no involvement of any kind during the match.

5) Players are expected to put forth a full and honest effort regardless of the score or expected outcome.

6) Players are expected to maintain full control over their emotions and the resulting behavior throughout the match. If you begin to lose your composure during play, try the following :
    * Take several deep breaths, exhale as slowly as possible and feel your muscles relax.
    * Concentrate on your own game and behavior while ignoring distractions from your opponent or surroundings.
    * Be your own best friend - enjoy your good shots and forget the poor ones.

Tennis Sharpens Your Mind and Shapes Your Body !

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