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Why Tennis

Play Tennis At Your Skill Level On Your Community Court !!!

Tennis Leagues for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Players

We have organized 193 Leagues on our Website, involving 1103 Tennis Players, who have played a Grand Total of 53,628 Tennis Games in the Leagues.

Check out the players who ended up in the Medal Positions in all of our leagues on our "League Winners" page !

PLEASE NOTE - We no longer organize tennis leagues on this website !!!

Our leagues play an important role in providing players at all levels with the opportunity to practice what they learn in tennis instruction & allows them to gain greater experience, confidence, and enjoyment in their development in this awesome game.

" The BC Tennis Leagues are a great way for players of all levels to have fun while continuing to grow and develop their game by utilizing more of a play and compete structure.
I recommend my students give this a try ! "

Darrell Krell

Tennis BC Regional Development Coordinator
Tennis Canada Coach

Challenge your friends & relatives to play in a league with you to make your matches more competitive, meaningful, & enjoyable regardless of where you live !

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