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The leagues are organized for different skill levels. Men, women, juniors, seniors, and adults all compete against one another. Players are placed in leagues according to their skill level and where they live, not by age or gender.

Players or teams will receive a copy of the schedule, the names of players & contact information for their league, plus the league rules in the mail.

Every player is scheduled for at least six matches. Matches are arranged at the player's convenience. These matches are played on a weekly basis. When you are listed as the "Home Court" you play on the court of your choice. The "Home Court" initiates phone or email contact and both players choose the day and time of the week.

League winners are determined through play-offs, which are played at the end of each season with the league's top players.

This league format has been used very successfully in one area of California where over 7500 tennis players have participated in the leagues since they were started.

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